After Having Stroke at 24, LDS Man Creates Hydration Monitor, Raises $1.2 Million on Kickstarter

by | Feb. 17, 2017

Mormon Life

What a way to turn your trials into a way to help others.

Dustin Freckleton was three weeks away from his 25th birthday when, on a hot Houston day in 2009, he arose from his bed and walked to the bathroom. He had a headache, but headaches were becoming increasingly common for the University of Texas-Houston first-year medical school student.

He attributed their frequency to 16-hour study days spent in dark corners of the library with “big books and small fonts.” But when he slammed into the door frame, Freckleton realized this headache was not like the others.

Determined to get moving, Freckleton grabbed a bottle of Tylenol and discovered he couldn’t read the label. He then recognized he was standing on the side of his foot instead of the bottom. With some effort, he straightened his foot but soon felt a sensation like warm water pouring perfectly over just one half of his body.

Freckleton was losing mobility and stumbled back into bed. He was soon unable to wiggle a finger or toe on one side of his body. The left side was paralyzed.

He recognized the warning signs. He was having a stroke.

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