After My Mother's Death, How My Family Came Together Through Random Acts of Kindness

I am grateful for this small answer the Lord gave me that ended up being the big answer to my desire to “Live unto the Lord."

“Arbol que crece torsido su tronco nunca enderesa.”

The tree that grows twisted, never straightens its trunk.

I am the oldest of five children, born to a mother who was one of 20 and a father who was one of 13, both of whom were raised in a tiny little farming town in Michoacán, Mexico. When they married, they decided to raise their children in a foreign land— in hopes that we would have a “better life.” For me, that better life came when, at 26, I found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and converted. 

As the only member of the LDS faith in my family, I have always taken the eternal salvation of our whole family, including our large extended family, very personally. Despite the many hours praying and pondering about how I could help my family come onto Christ, we remained very disconnected. The anger, fear, and jealousy that gripped our family continued to grow so deeply rooted that it directly contributed to the tragic end of my mother’s life, just a year after my marriage and literally the same morning I found out we were to bear her first grandchild.

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