After Waking to Find Her Husband Died in the Night, LDS Mom Tells Daughter: "It’s the 4 of Us. Forever."

What an incredible testimony from this young mother. We are praying for her and her daughters.

My cousin is a widow.

She is too young to be a widow.

In the dark hours of the night, her husband’s spirit unexpectedly and quietly left this world.

She woke to find his body there but the breath of life, gone. . . .

Three-year-old twin girls. He left them behind too. They call out at night time, “Where is my daddy?” I watched them clamber all around my cousin while we visited. They have only her to turn to—and though I know she is enough for them, my eyes filled with tears as I said, “They are so lucky to have you. It’s you three forever now.” To which my cousin replied without a moment’s pause, “It’s the four of us. Forever. The four of us. You know that.”

It was as if he were sitting right there. And of course, I knew and I know, but her eternal perspective was so remarkably clear in such a delicate time. Heaven is not all that far away.

Lead image from Time Out for Women.
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