After a Student Threw a Desk at Her, This Teacher Learned a Powerful Lesson About Love

Especially in difficult situations, we can learn about the power of love.

The most frightening moment in my teaching career occurred when a 13-year-old fifth grader threw his desk at me. . . .

This outburst was beyond my training. In [the student] John’s behavior plan, there was mention of the use of restraints, but I was not in a position to do so and called for help. It was determined that John would attend in-school-suspension for remainder of that day and the following week.

My heart ached for John. Part of me felt like I had failed him, obviously not helping him feel safe and unified with our class. My team had been trying everything, and just when John seemed to be making positive steps forward, all our progress was destroyed. I felt frustrated, lost, scared, and hopeless, so I did one of the only things I could do—I prayed about it. In the past, I had received specific answers to prayers related to my teaching, as I truly saw my profession as a calling to serve my students. This night, I didn’t receive detailed instructions or plans on moving forward with John, but an exact answer came to mind:

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