After many delays, LDS medical team reaches Haiti

by | Jan. 19, 2010

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First, on the island of Hispaniola. Then, onto Haitian soil. And, then, running on pure adrenaline.

After a time-consuming, tedious trip from Salt Lake City that began late Sunday afternoon, the LDS Church's medical team finally reached its destination Tuesday morning: earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Now it's time to do what the 14 volunteer doctors and nurses and two emotional-health specialists were brought by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to do. That's to provide much-needed medical care in the wake of the massive 7.0-magnitude quake that has blanketed this island nation with death and despair.

The Associated Press said the latest casualty report, from the European Commission citing Haitian government figures, doubled previous estimates of the dead to approximately 200,000, with some 70,000 bodies recovered and trucked off to mass graves.

The port remains blocked. Distribution of food, water and supplies from the city's lone airport to the needy are increasing but still remained a work in progress, frustrating many survivors who sleep in the streets and outdoor camps of tens of thousands, AP reported. European Commission analysts estimate 250,000 were injured and 1.5 million were made homeless.

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