Aid en route to Pakistan

Hundreds of tons of life-saving food and provisions that were once housed at the LDS Bishop's Storehouse on Salt Lake City's west side are now en route to flood-ravaged Pakistan.

On Friday, forklift operators at the massive storehouse filled 10 tractor-trailers with 400,000 pounds of humanitarian supplies. The relief shipment will ultimately be transported to Pakistan via ship and is expected to arrive in about four weeks. The LDS Church is partnering in this effort with Islamic Relief USA, a charitable organization that is covering the shipment's transportation costs and will direct its distribution once it arrives in Pakistan.

The Middle Eastern nation is reeling from its worst flooding in recent history. Some 20 million people have been affected by the widespread inundation and an estimated 8 million remain in urgent need, according to LDS Humanitarian Emergency Response manager Nate Leishman.

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