by | Oct. 14, 2009

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The Relief Society President held up a small, stuffed animal with button eyes. “We will be making these for an orphanage in Honduras,” she said with a little too much delight. The sisters gathered together with ready sewing machines and willing hands. My friend’s heart sank with those words. It plummeted further as she realized the entire project was useless! Buttons on toys could come loose and were not good for the small, under-supervised children chewing on them. The Central American climate would quickly transform the stuffed shapes into masses of unsanitary, soggy mildew. My family worked closely with the orphanage to improve conditions there. This was to be a pivotal project.

She slumped up to the well-meaning RS President, “What happened to the diapers we were making? The pattern we discussed?” she asked.

“Well, I couldn’t find the fabric, so I just decided to do this instead,” she exclaimed gleefully. The sisters, young and old, went home feeling satisfied they had done some good in the world that day; the RS President, for a well-executed project.

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