An Accidental Family History Ninja

by | May 07, 2014


Before we talk about Ninjas, a few notes:

1) Many thanks to Elder Quentin Cook for the shout-out last week. During his closing address at Women’s Conference at BYU, he specifically mentioned my blog post, “I’m Sorry Elijah, But I Really Need to Get Some Sleep.” It was a proudly humble moment. Also, it was fun knowing that a bunch of my most attractive readers were busy messaging me on Facebook to tell me about it while Elder Cook was speaking to them. That is loyalty.

Now, back to Accidental Family History Ninja.

Why “Accidental?”

I didn’t mean to get heavy into Family History, let alone be a spokesman for the cause. I was merely trying to find some names so I could take my kids to the temple to do some baptisms. That, and a side of obedience. It was not part of a big plan to become a serious genealogist.

It was a happy accident. Every step in the process, from discovery to ordinance has been a wonderful new adventure.

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