An Analogy That Shows There Is Only Way to Combat Criticism to the Book of Mormon

Is the Book of Mormon man-made or God-given? That's a question that has plagued historians, archaeologists, DNA researchers, and religious leaders for years.

But Tad R. Callister, Sunday School general president, recently shared a powerful analogy that shows there's only one way to truly know the Book of Mormon is true:

“Even if Joseph obtained historical facts from local libraries, or community conversations, for which there is no substantiating evidence, the real issue still remains: Where did he get the deep and expansive doctrine taught in the Book of Mormon, much of which doctrine is contrary to the religious beliefs of his time?” Brother Callister said.

“Once we have a foundational testimony of the Book of Mormon, then any question or challenge we confront in life, however difficult it may seem, can be approached with faith, not doubt."

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