An Unexpected Meeting with President Monson on the Road in Arizona

Place: Thatcher, Arizona

Purpose: Gila Valley Temple Celebration and Dedication

Shortly after President Monson arrived at the Safford Regional Airport in Arizona, yesterday, his traveling party made it’s way towards the town of Thatcher, a few miles away. Some members had gathered on the road along the route to wave as he drove by. Instead, all the cars stopped on the road, and President Monson, President Eyring, and Elder Holland stepped out to meet and greet the people.

Here is how one of the members describes the experience:

Here the 6-7 car entourage comes over the hill and we are all so excited we start waving early just to make sure our hands are up when He drives by. Then we see which car he is in and keep waiving…….and the car stops and pulls over!

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