An arabic camp for teens at BYU

Many an LDS teen spices up the long summer vacation with a relaxing interlude at Especially For Youth. John Monson, a 15-year-old sophomore from Chicago, opted instead for almost four weeks of Arabic Language Camp at BYU.

In terms of his linguistic dexterity, John is somewhat of a prodigy — in addition to taking French in high school, he studies German, Dutch, Spanish and Arabic on the side.

"I'm thinking about going into linguistics," John said. "I like seeing the relationship between languages and what links them together."

In that respect, John shares a critical characteristic in common with his fellow campers — a love of languages. For most of the teens at Arabic camp, Arabic isn't the second language they're learning but more likely the third or even fourth. And like moths drawn to the light, the chance to spend a couple of weeks earning college credit for Arabic 101 is simply too good for them to pass up.

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