An 'expose' of the obvious

City Weekly, Salt Lake City's alternative tabloid, takes a one-sided shot across the bow of BYU with its long cover story titled "Gay Students vs. BYU Honor Code."

The cover story is made up of three narratives of disgruntled former students who didn't like how they were treated under BYU's Honor Code enforcement system. With a front page photo illustration showing two shocked BYU students viewing two men holding hands, the reader already knows almost immediately City Weekly's coverage is not about balanced journalism, but is one-sided advocacy.

It is simply an unbalanced exposé of the obvious. Could someone at City Weekly please explain why the following qualifies as news? Students coming to BYU sign up full well knowing what the Honor Code says. They violate the Honor Code and they are disciplined. The same "investigation" could have been written about any number of issues including sex outside of marriage for heterosexuals or drug and alcohol use. BYU's standard is very clear, no sex outside of a heterosexual marriage. Of course, telling stories about all students who cross the line of a clear code wouldn't be controversial enough.

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