An infertility journey of faith, trust, timing

Our story starts much like your own, I'm sure. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married.

Like many newlywed couples we looked forward to our future with stars in our eyes. We had a plan. We would work and go to college, buy a house and in two years start a family.

That is just what we did. We moved to a new city, bought a house, enrolled in college and found full-time jobs. As our two-year anniversary came nearer, our dreams of a little baby became more urgent. We felt it was time — time to start our family, time to make the plan become reality. We even talked about the pros and cons of having a boy versus a girl. We talked about baby names. We even planned out the baby's nursery in our new home: the paint colors, the bedding, the placement of the crib. We were ready.

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