Ancient manuscript tells journey of the 3 wise men; text has ideas Mormons will relate to

For most Christians, Jan. 6 is known as Epiphany — the day when the Magi or the three wise men found the Christ child.

Now Brent Landau, a religion professor at the University of Oklahoma, has translated an ancient text from the Vatican Library into English. Scholars are calling it fascinating.

The Gospel of Matthew says very little about the group we call the three kings who visited the Christ child. They are a mystery, and growing up, Landau was always fascinated by them and the star of Bethlehem. While studying for his doctorate in theology at Harvard, he traveled to Italy.

“Basically, when I was looking for a dissertation topic, I had gone on a study trip to Italy and was really blown away with how much the wise men were showing up in all sorts of different artistic representations: mosaics, sarcophagi, catacombs, paintings all over the place,” he said.

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