Angel Moroni Missing from New Google Earth Pics of Salt Lake Temple

by | Apr. 26, 2017

Mormon Life

There are 10 temples that do not have an angel Moroni (including the new Paris France Temple), but the Salt Lake Temple isn't one of them.

But pictures of the Salt Lake Temple from the new Google Earth show a plain spire where the 12'5" angel Moroni should be.

The pictures of the empty spire have been circulating on Twitter, though there hasn't been any explanation as of yet on Google Earth's website why the 2,000–4,000-pound statute is not represented in the photos.

Though there are several Google Earth images of LDS temples that clearly show an angel Moroni on top of a temple spire, there are several others where the Moroni statue is not represented.

If you wanted to see what the statue of the angel Moroni on the Salt Lake Temple looks like up close and in person, the Church History Museum has a full-sized replica. 

Lead image from Twitter
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