Apostle Talks Religious Freedom to Boston Youth

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles addressed a group of young adults from Boston, Massachusetts, 10 June 2010. His comments touched on a wide range of topics but prominently featured religious freedom and the need to protect the family.

Excerpts from his remarks:

* "In our daily living, these two forces (theistic and atheistic) are both at work, but they are not always clearly identified. These two forces can be considered as conflicting religious forces or systems of belief. I'll label them as theistic forces and atheistic forces. Theistic forces, be they Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or Mormon, inculcate an ethic to fear the righteous judgments of a loving God and to obey civil and divine law voluntarily. Theistic forces instill a conscience to do what is right and obey laws that otherwise might be unenforceable."

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