Apostles Travel the World in Response to Growing Church Membership

by | Oct. 04, 2010

Official Church Info

From Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico to Germany, Japan, Australia and the Netherlands, apostles from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fanned out across the globe this year in response to a robust and growing Church membership. The goal of the apostles is to train local priesthood leaders on every continent and become personally acquainted with the unique challenges and needs of members from dozens of cultures. The Church now has nearly 14 million members, most of whom live outside of the United States. Most recently, Elders Russell M. Nelson and M. Russell Ballard returned from Europe, where there are over 650,000 members of the Church in 43 nations. Elder Nelson visited Church members in Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. He met with Church members and with some of the more than 53,000 missionaries worldwide that are serving in the region. They met in chapels and in some cases outdoors for prayer services.
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