April 6th: Restoration Party!!

We love reasons to celebrate and party at our house... so tomorrow will be no exception! Here is what we plan to do:

1. I will take a few items away from my girls. Then I will bring back the items and "Restore" them to the girls. This may sound scary, seeing as they are 5 and 3, but really my girls are game for anything!

2. Taking a calendar and outlining the April 6th with a bright color, laying it on the floor, I will have the girls toss bean bags and see how close they can get to the date! April 6th is a wonderful day because it was the day the church was organized again in the latter days... Quote April 6th was, "The precise day upon which, according to (God's) will and commandment, we should proceed to organize his church once again, here upon the earth." (Joseph Smith, "History of Joseph Smith," Times and Seasons, 1 Oct. 1842, pp.928-29.)

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