Are Mormons Too Critical of Each Other?

The LDS church and culture have so many elements that keep us busy. Family Home Evening, Quorom activities, Mutual, Relief Society activities, General Conference, priesthood duties, callings, home and visiting teaching, to name a few.

Because we have so much expected of us and we believe that one day we’ll become perfected we’re critical of others.  But how much time do you take to reflect upon yourself? We talk about people who are “less active or inactive” while we are slacking in at least one aspect of the gospel.

I have yet to meet someone who fulfills all [of what] we’re asked to do.

[. . .]

How can we criticize or look down upon someone who is struggling with a different struggle than our own? For someone who finds home teaching easy, another could see it as the most difficult part of the gospel. For someone who finds keeping the Word of Wisdom a struggle another might have no temptation to break it.

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