Are Mormon Mommy Bloggers Creating a False Perception of Reality?

With so many blogs out there for LDS members to relate to, and sometimes compare themselves to, it's important to also keep in mind these key factors of blogging.

There has certainly been more blogging since 2002. At 11:15 a.m. MST on the day of the 2017 presidential inauguration, over 2.2 million blog posts had already been posted for the day, according to Worldometers.

Blogging has introduced women all over the world to each other and to new ideas.

“In the old days, it used to be that you had to learn from other moms in your own little circle, but now you can find all of these wonderful ideas from Australia and from England,” said Shawni Pothier, whose blog, 71toes, has documented her family’s life over the past decade.

There are fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs and photography blogs. And while blogging has grown to be a full-blown industry of its own, Mormon mommy bloggers continue to thrive.

Blogging may be the perfect hobby for Mormon mothers, a demographic that is encouraged to keep a journal and to share the things that are most important to them. A wide-range of people are drawn to their blogs and the attraction to them has not gone unnoticed.

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