Are You Making the Most of Church Curriculum?

We’re almost at the end of January–the first month of a new curriculum year in the Church. It’s a good time to ask ourselves if we’re making the most of our study of the New Testament.

Many years ago, at the beginning of a curriculum year, Elder Carlos E. Asay wrote about the purposes of Church curriculum and the blessings of gospel study. (Carlos E. Asay, “For the Perfecting of the Saints: A Look at Church Curriculum“, Ensign, Jan. 1986, 14). He explained five ways we can take advantage of the Church’s instructional program. I summarize them below:

1. Understanding the premises upon which the curriculum is based. This will enable you to see purpose in the classes you attend and the materials you read. It will also enable you to harmonize more effectively personal, family, and quorum or class study. If you understand the purpose of something, you will generally be more inclined to become actively involved. Read the article referenced above to better understand the purposes behind the Church’s curriculum.

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