Are You Related to Donny & Marie? Donny Launches Project So Fans Can Find Out

It's no secret the Osmonds have a big family. With eight brothers and one sister, not to mention the spouses and children that followed, it's no wonder the Osmonds had a tough time all fitting on the stage together when they all reunited on Oprah in 2007. 

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Since then, the family has only gotten bigger.

As devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Osmonds really prize family, and with that comes family history work.

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"As some of you know, family history is one of my favorite pastimes," Donny Osmond writes on his blog. "You never know who you might be related to. I recently found out that I’m related to John Lennon, and even William Shakespeare! My wife, Debbie, is related to Winston Churchill…and one of my earliest ancestors is even a Catholic Saint!"

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That's why Donny Osmond recently came up with a new project he announced on his blog. He writes, "Most every show I do, I look out over the audience and wonder, 'How many people out there am I actually related to?' When you get right down to it, we are all one big family… The likelihood of you and me being related is very high… meaning we actually share a common ancestor!"

While promoting family history work, Donny encouraged his fans to get an account with FamilySearch. "The membership fees are really reasonable… it’s FREE!" he says. "You can immediately start digging around, navigating your way to finding a long lost relative that may already be in the FamilySearch database. If so, you probably can connect yourself to literally thousands of ancestors."

With those ancestors, Donny then said his fans can easily search to find a common ancestor from his family tree and genealogy, which he provided for his fans.

"I hope you’ll join me," Donny says. "My family is about to get a whole lot bigger!"

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