Are non-LDS renters discriminated against in Utah?

ABC4 took action after getting a tip that some people were being discriminated against based on religion. Homeowners and landlords apparently discriminating against some renters based on religious preference. And in our investigation, we came across dozens of ads breaking the law by telling potential renters who was “welcome” to apply.

Stephanie Clemens thought her and her boyfriend would have no problem finding an apartment when they began their search a few months ago but now says she learned differently. “When we explained to the landlord we were unmarried he refused to rent to us,” Clemens said and continued, “he told us because we didn't live by LDS standards, and believed unmarried couples shouldn't live together.”

Clemens, an ABC 4 intern, was really having a hard time finding a place that would rent to her because of her religion. We took action to see if this was really a problem or an isolated incident, and we found 37 ads with "preferences" of religion.

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