Are we living in the day prophesied by Heber C. Kimball?

I’ve been exploring the internet going on four years, viewing websites and blogs that present information about the Mormon church. Most of the sites I visit are created and visited by members and former members of the church. The subject matter of post and the comments made range widely.

On one side of the continuum are sites written and frequented by church members who are filled with faith, on the other extreme are members who have left the church, but can’t leave the church alone. Then there is a large group of members who are in the middle. Their sites are frequented by members whose faith can be described as fragile.

This is a very general description and isn’t meant to be critical in any way. My heart aches every time I read a post or comment that details a members loss of faith. The battle for the faith of church members is real and has been going on from the day the church was organized. However, the internet has increased the reach, speed and intensity of the various players in this battle.

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