Article looks at LDS support of Sen. Reid vs. fellow Mormon challenger

In Mormon households, Monday night is "family home evening," a time for studying the Gospel, singing hymns and engaging in wholesome activities such as playing board games.

But on one recent Monday evening at the Marshall house, which Gary Marshall built with his own hands in the territorial-Victorian style of straight lines, wide porches and sturdy wooden posts, the topic is politics.

Yes, there are children dipping sticky fingers into a jar of Oreos, scooting around on the carpet and shifting from lap to lap as the evening wears on. But these Mormons are gathered not to study the Gospel but to talk about why they will never again vote for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., one of their own.

"I think he sold his soul when they put him in as Senate leader," Marshall says, hearkening back to 2005 when Reid replaced Sen. Tom Daschle, the former Democratic leader. Daschle lost re-election when South Dakota conservatives rejected him and his party's more liberal agenda, a problem Reid now faces in Nevada.

"Reid forgot who he worked for and he forgot his values," Marshall says. "He forgot us."

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