Ask Dr. Elia: 4 types of parenting

Last summer while teaching at BYU-Idaho's Education Week, I had an opportunity to attend a devotional by President Kim B. Clark. His comments on Zion and the Rising Generation have had a profound impact in my life and I'm sure in the lives of the others who attended.

In his talk, he described the relationship of two factors: love and standards, and their impact on families. The parameters were low/high love and low/high standards. Having worked with many families, I found this information fascinating. Let's take a closer look at these four different types of families.

The first one consists of low love and low standards. What is the outcome for children being raised in such an environment? Typically neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, immorality and much more. Every year I have an opportunity to speak in front of and train foster parents. Recently when I presented the four types of families to them, ALL of them said that the kids brought into their homes come from such an environment.

The drop-out rate in high school for these kids is astounding. With lack of education and the opportunities it brings, many of these kids eventually turn to crime and other destructive behaviors. As a side note, I have rarely seen such an LDS family.

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