Ask Dr. Elia: Can love be rekindled? Part 1

Dear Dr Elia,

I have no feelings for my spouse anymore. I try to but we have grown apart. I am trying to be more interested, spend time and try to feel how I once felt. I am frustrated that I feel empty inside. Is there any way back? It would be a relief to not be married anymore, but I want to try before I go there.


Dear Anonymous,

Can love be rekindled? The answer in most cases is a resounding YES! However, we need to examine first what has brought you to this point. Today's article will deal with the "why" couples grow apart and eventually feel disconnected and empty. Over the last 20 years I have worked with many couples that have faced your current predicament. In her book "And They Were Not Ashamed," author Laura Brotherson shares the following on this subject: "While divorce destroys about five in ten marriages, many of those couples who stay married settle into the emotional emptiness of marital mediocrity, creating what is called a parallel marriage. Couples in parallel marriages may share a house and a life, but they don't share their hearts. These couples often appear to be doing fine from the outside, but they are merely going through the motions."

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