Ask Dr. Elia: Religious Intolerance — Mormon churches under fire

Over the past two weeks we have witnessed attacks on LDS churches in an unprecedented fashion. It started on Oct. 16 in the state of Washington. According to a joint federal and local investigation, arson has been confirmed as the cause of a two-alarm fire that burned an LDS church building to the ground.

A $10,000 award has been offered for any information leading to the arrest of the arsonist. Two wards (congregations) have been displaced. I wonder how those people feel about their place of worship being destroyed?

The second incident occurred five days later in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It appears that four teenagers — three boys and one girl, between the ages of 13 and 14 — broke into and vandalized the church building. They overturned tables, started some hymn books on fire, broke into the Stake President's office and in one classroom wrote anti-Mormon messages on the the chalkboard.

Thankfully these individuals were quickly apprehended by the police. Although the damage was mainly cosmetic in nature, once again the question is, "What would drive them to such a despicable act?"

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