Ask a Mormon Woman: Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids?

“You’re so lucky!”

That is the most common expression I hear from passersby when they stop to gawk at my four daughters. Men and women from every walk of life stop me to oooh and ahhh over my baby or tell me how much my daughters look like me. Frequently I hear them sigh and say, “I wish I had more. I always wanted a larger family.” Some smile and say, “That was me 15 years ago. Enjoy it while you can. They grow up fast!”

I recently met a woman who was out to dinner with her only child, a daughter. I could see from their animated faces that they were enjoying each others’ company immensely. I realized the little girl was in my daughter’s third grade class and went over to introduce myself. Sue had a fashionable hair cut, a designer bag, high heels and a business suit on. I was in my business attire as well: jeans, a button down cotton shirt and a jacket with spit up on the shoulder.

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