Attempted Times Square bombing affects BYU interns

Last Saturday, a terrorist plot at Times Square in the heart of New York City was closely avoided when local vendors identified a parked, smoking SUV, which was found to be filled with propane, fireworks and fertilizer. Fortunately, the crude car bomb failed to detonate.

Nearly two hours prior to the incident, several BYU interns strolled the streets of Times Square, unaware of what would follow.    

“We were completely oblivious,” said Sam Shirley, a communications intern at the New York Daily News. “I didn’t find out until the following morning. We were walking and sightseeing that day and then went a couple blocks over from Times Square and had dinner. It happened at 6:30 p.m., which is when I got home.”

New Yorkers and tourists have not stopped sightseeing since the attempted car bombing four days ago.

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