Attitude Adjustments

I'm a bit frazzled right now. My wife went to the temple with the Relief Society, leaving me with the kids. I'm actually really glad she left. She needed a break and I do well around the house and with the kids. This is not one of those"dumb-husband-who-can't-handle-things-at-home" stories.

I'm actually pretty proficient on the home front. But tonight, I'm really tired. Work has been stressful and there are some personal things bothering me as well. Life's just been crazy lately and all of this has combined to lower my resilience.

Consequently, I was about ready not to cry, but to yell and holler over spilt milk (seriously, like half a gallon) all over the kitchen. I was also not thrilled with the spray paint on the front porch, or the seven-year-old's imitation of a nuclear reactor going into melt-down.
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