Attorneys file motion to move Brian David Mitchell's trial

by | Jun. 11, 2010

Everything Else

If his attorneys get their way, Brian David Mitchell will take his courtroom antics elsewhere.

Mitchell, 56, who has become known for courtroom disturbances that routinely require that he be removed, has been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting Elizabeth Smart. He is scheduled to stand trial Nov. 1, but his attorneys are now asking that the trial be moved to allow him to be tried by impartial jurors.

According to the motion filed Friday, Mitchell has "the right to trial by 'indifferent' jurors 'free from outside influences,' who base their decision solely on the evidence, undisturbed by personal prejudice or public passion."

The motion was not unexpected, as attorneys had indicated in March that they were planning on seeking a change in venue. Mitchell's case may be heard in Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado or Wyoming — states which are overseen by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

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