Austin Collie: Pushing toward Perfection

by | Sep. 14, 2010



Although he strives for perfection, Austin does not believe that winning is everything. “Well, it is when it’s the Super Bowl,” he clarifies.

Super Bowl aside, Austin tries to see the bigger picture by treating football as just one aspect of his life. “If football was over, it might be the worst happiest day of my life, because it’s so demanding,” he says. And as he begins his second season, he is ready to give an all-out effort, as he always does, both on and off the field. “If you always give one hundred percent, it will transfer to sports and academics, as well as the gospel. I take the same attitude with Church as I do with anything else.”

And when personal trials come along, Austin has a game plan for getting through. “My parents always say there are different life experiences you can use as a measuring stick, like ‘I’ve done that, so I can do this,’” he says. “Anytime things get hard in life, I measure it against my mission. Looking back now, I wonder how I did it. I didn’t work as hard before my mission as I do today. Now I understand what true dedication is and what true hard work is.” He continues, “Sometimes you want to give up and let trials affect you in any given way. Brooke and I refuse to let it, because we’ve had those measuring sticks.”

Through his experiences in the mission field and on the football field, Austin has learned that if he dedicates himself to serving the Lord and others, everything will work out for the best. “Ultimately the thing that I realized is that if I go into the NFL and am able to do the things I want to do, it’s because the Lord wants me to do those things to spread the gospel and be an example. It’s not because he wants me to have money or be famous. He’ll want to use me as a tool to help others.”

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