Author claims Jon Huntsman Sr. was Watergate source

The author of a new book on muckraker Jack Anderson says Utah billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr. was a secret source for the journalist in uncovering corruption during the Watergate controversy — an allegation denied by Huntsman.

Mark Feldstein, a professor at George Washington University, claimed on KUER’s RadioWest program on Tuesday that “Anderson actually had his own Deep Throat who perhaps was more valuable to him than Mark Felt was to Bob Woodward.”

Feldstein continued that Anderson told him in interviews for the book that Huntsman was disgusted by the corruption in Richard Nixon’s White House and had planned to leave his job as an aide to then-Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman until Anderson convinced him to hang on for a few extra months and continue to leak information.

“[Anderson] argued that [Huntsman would] be more valuable that way than anyway else and he portrayed Huntsman as a very idealistic and noble man willing to take a risk to leak to him some of what was going on in the White House,” Feldstein told radio host Doug Fabrizio.

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