Author donates book proceeds to Perpetual Education Fund

by | May 17, 2010

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An author in Eastern Idaho is giving all of the proceeds of his book to the LDS church's Perpetual Education Fund. KPVI visited with the author Henry J. Eyring in Rexburg.

Author Henry J. Eyring is an administrator at BYU-Idaho and the son of Henry B. Eyring - the first counselor in the first presidency of the LDS church.

Already the author of his grandfather's biography, Eyring is now the author of another book - "Major Decisions: Taking Charge of Your Education".

Eyring said he was motivated to write the book after learning from his own mistakes during his college years.

Henry J. Eyring, author: "I was effectively unemployable. I had no back-up plan. And if I'd been wise, if I had to do it over again, I could have modified that degree a little bit with the right minor and internships."

Eyring wished there had been a book - something to mentor him and give him solid advice for the years ahead. Years later, he decided to write down what he felt was important for young adults and high schoolers to understand and consider as they set out to become responsible adults.

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