by | Jun. 03, 2010

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I looked at a picture my old high school friend posted on Facebook. Her face is turned to the side and her mother is laughing beside her. It took me a few moments to realize that I had it all wrong. The laughing woman was my friend, and the young girl was her teenage daughter. We are both a lot older than I realize.

I called her the next day, for old time’s sake, and things were different; a little awkward. She was perfectly nice and friendly. But ultimately I hung up the phone and thought, I don’t really like her anymore. She’s not the person I used to be friends with.

We met over twenty years ago. During our last two years of high school together we were inseparable in that obsessive manner of teenage girls. We went to different colleges—mine Mormon, hers Catholic—and things started to change. But the changes were slow and I never realized how big they were until now.

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