BYU Ballroom Dance team claims first place in England

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company took first place in their Standard Formation competition Wednesday night.

Going up against Germany, China and instate rival UVU, the BYU team knew they would have some stiff competition. Team director Lee Wakefield prepared his students in both the Standard and the Latin Formations accordingly.

“We’ve put in 183 hours of practice for each piece,” Wakefield said. “That works out to half an hour for every second of the piece.”

BYU was the second group to perform, following the team from Germany. Performing their piece entitled “Americana.” BYU, certainly the most modestly clad ensemble, took the crowd by storm. At the conclusion of their number, the audience rose to its feet in a standing ovation and many people were overheard commending the young team on its form and precision.

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