BYU Campus Education Week: Educate your children to use Internet safely

Ten years ago, Internet safety was something few parents worried about when considering the needs of their families. Within the past few years, the growing popularity and accessibility of interactive media has brought up new possibilities, new problems and new ways of thinking. For many parents new to the technology age, parenting children of the Internet generation can be hard — or at least foreign.

For Jenny Dahlke, from Woodlawn, Texas, parenting children in regards to the Internet was the number one focus of her BYU Campus Education Week experience.

"I have six children and we have had some Internet issues," she said. "I was the parent that said my kids will just never get on the Internet."

Recognizing that mindset is almost impossible in today's society, Sister Dahlke decided that rather than ignore the presence of the Internet, she would educate herself on Internet safety so she is more equipped to then educate her children, ranging from age 3 to 18.

"Parents have to do something to protect themselves and their families," Charles D. Knutson said during his lecture Tuesday. Brother Knutson, who is an associate professor of computer science at BYU and the father of 10 children, spoke on a variety of topics about the Internet and its effects on the family.

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