BYU Campus Education Week: Temples through the ages

Since attending the dedication of the Los Angeles California Temple in March of 1956, the house of the Lord has held a special place for Richard O. Cowan, professor of Church history and doctrine at BYU.

So much so that he frequently wears a tie with images of several LDS temples on it. Such was the case when he spoke at BYU's Campus Education Week on Aug. 17.

"When I teach a class on temples, I sometimes wear this tie for the days we have an exam," Brother Cowan said. "I tell students that all the answers are right here."

There was no test during his first lesson in a week-long series titled "The Holy Temple," which focused on similarities between ancient and modern temples, both in the purposes of temple worship and the ordinances performed therein.

"From the beginning of time," Brother Cowan said, "people have felt the need to find a place where they can get away from the pressures of the world, from the material rat race and so on, where they can just think about eternal things and ponder the things that are of a more lasting value. Temples have been such places."

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