Watch: BYU Creates Willy Wonka-Style Contest After Celebrating 20 Years as No. 1 "Stone-Cold Sober" University

by | Jul. 31, 2017

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Thanks to Utah Valley 360 for making us aware of this story

BYU once again tops the Princeton Review's list as the most "Stone-Cold Sober" university in the U.S., marking its 20-year streak as no. 1 on the list.

And it seems students are embracing their 20 years as no. 1 with a drink—of BYU's chocolate milk.

With such shenanigans as last year's "Milktoberfest" where BYU students received free bottles of chocolate milk from BYU's creamery, BYU fans and students have celebrated their dry campus before.

And now, for its 20th year as a "Stone-Cold Sober" university, BYU is bringing celebrations to a whole new level with "golden tickets."

Sticking with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, students can receive a tour of the BYU creamery with Studio C member Stacey Harkey and a year's supply of chocolate milk, creating an unusual, but delicious way to celebrate the past 20 years. 

Lead image from BYU Instagram
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