BYU Devotional: Ask questions in college

As students at BYU it is our duty to not just passively learn, but to understand the value and practice of learning by asking questions, said an associate professor of history at Tuesday’s Devotional.

Shawn Miller gave an address titled: “They shall ask the way to Zion,” found in Jeremiah 50:5, where he discussed his experience with education and the obtaining of knowledge and how students need to take an active role in their education for both secular and spiritual progression.

“If God knows all things and we are to be like Him, learning is not just a recommendation but an essential trait of those who seek eternal life,” Miller said.

Miller spoke about the history of the word “history,” and what it means for students at BYU.

“For the Greeks, history meant knowledge, but only a particular kind: history was any knowledge that had been acquired through inquiry, by asking questions,” he said.

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