BYU Devotional: Opportunities from obstacles

The way we choose to see God’s hand in our lives can greatly affect how we respond to different situations, an English professor said in Tuesday’s Devotional.

David Paxman gave an address titled “Zoram and I: Getting Our Stories Straight.” He discussed Zoram’s situation and the various ways he could have reacted, comparing it to the way we respond to different circumstances in our own lives.

Zoram could have seen Nephi as a manhandling, kidnapping liar who caught him in a trap and hijacked his life, forcing him to swear under oath against his will in unfair circumstances to join their group, Paxman said. He would never be able to see his family again or know what could have been.

Instead, he took courage and became “the beneficiary of an extraordinary opportunity,” Paxman said.

He had the opportunity to marry a daughter of Ishmael, travel with a prophet’s family and inherit the Promised Land on equal terms with them, though his status in Jerusalem would probably never have afforded him the opportunity, Paxman said. He was able to understand God’s teachings as never before and witness miracles.

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