BYU Education Week: Cell phone use? 'Be informed'

Parents should be careful about what type of phone they give their child, Dr. Charles Knutson said during his lecture at BYU Campus Education Week. With the increase of cell phone use throughout the world and the users getting younger and younger, parents need to be informed, he said. A computer science instructor at BYU and father of 10 children, Brother Knutson shared insights and offered recommendations with regard to cell phone use and the need for parents to be informed.

“There of some of us that wouldn’t conceive of putting a personal computer in [a child’s] bedroom but already have given them a powerful phone in their pocket,” Brother Knutson said. “Yesterday’s high power computer is now today’s phone.”

With more than half of the world’s population now owning a cell phone, the rules and etiquette of cell phone use still is evolving. Because of that, parents need to be informed and aware of what their children are able to access and do with their phones.

In his lecture, Brother Knutson spoke of some of the general dangers and negatives of cell phone use. Some of the negatives Brother Knutson spoke about included the hazards of cell phone use while driving and talking while in public places such as grocery store lines or dark movie theaters, or distribution of inappropriate content.

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