BYU-Idaho alters general education

It’s no secret BYU-Idaho is the easiest of the three BYUs to get into; BYU-Idaho has a 97 percent acceptance rate and an incoming grade-point average of 3.4, whereas BYU has a 62 percent acceptance rate and an incoming GPA of 3.8 and BYU-Hawaii has a 64 percent acceptance rate and incoming GPA of 3.6.

Though the three BYUs are different in admissions and location, they share the BYU brand, and until fall semester 2008, they shared similar general education (GE) curriculums. However, when BYU-Idaho remodeled its GE courses, the 10-year-old university set itself apart from the pack and ultimately changed the way students are taught.

When Kim B. Clark, a former Harvard dean, was named BYU-Idaho’s new president in 2005, he brought with him a new GE regime, now called Foundations, which is broken up into five groups: eternal truths, academic fundamentals, science, cultural awareness and connections.

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