BYU Letter: Sacreligious slogan

On campus recently, I noticed a student wearing a shirt with “CTL” written on it. Later, I discovered “CTL,” or “Choose the Left” was the slogan for some Democratic students on campus (not an official motto of BYU College Democrats). I was taken aback that they would take a powerful religious message and twist it. These students should discontinue their use of the slogan because it’s sacrilegious.

As a private university, BYU reserves the right to regulate students’ actions on campus and discontinue practices that go against Church doctrine. By using “CTL” these students are turning a religious symbol into a political issue, downgrading the importance of the phrase and tainting its meaning. Democratic students may say this is pushing beliefs on them and that it has nothing to do with the Church. However, the letters CTR encased in a shield are a religious symbol of the Church and should not be adopted by this group.

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