BYU Sends Custom-Made Green Hat to 5-Year-Old with Terminal Cancer

by | Aug. 23, 2016

Mormon Life

This 5-year-old BYU fan has something that no one else does: a lucky green BYU hat to help her as she battles terminal cancer.

On Aug. 19, 5-year-old Lucy Duersch of Bellingham, Washington, received a package from the BYU Bookstore in Provo.

Surrounded by her parents, Paul and Vicky Duersch, and other family members, she opened the box revealing what she had wished for just days earlier: A "lucky" green BYU hat to help her during her cancer treatments.

Lucy, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day to two BYU alumni, has had a love for the color green and the BYU Cougars most of her life. On this day, at this moment, smiles would be abundant, and for a second, the Duersch family would be able to have a memory with their little girl that they would cherish forever—memories they will not be able to make for very much longer.

Just two weeks earlier, Paul and Vicky Duersch received the devastating news that Lucy had terminal cancer.

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