BYU-Utah game turned into 'Irrelevant Bowl'

by | Sep. 14, 2011

Saints & Sports

Way back in ancient times (OK, 2010), BYU-Utah week was a period of fear and loathing. The block U and Brother Brigham's statue were on high security alert. Players were held up to criticism and comparison all year. Announcers and even beat writers covering the teams were subject to taunts and occasional threats.

The buildup and letdown was nearly unbearable. Practically everyone involved in the game admitted that losing meant a year of abject misery. But that's not the case anymore. Look around. There's definitely interest, but you won't find nearly as many people losing sleep. There's too much territory ahead.

So welcome to the 2011 Irrelevant Bowl. Winner gets ... um ... er ... a week's worth of satisfaction.

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