BYU-Utah rivalry in danger?

Since the start of their athletic programs and throughout the years of NCAA conference shuffling, BYU and Utah have always been in the same conference.

They played against one another in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference until 1937, the Mountain States Conference, also known as the Skyline Conference or the Big Seven, until 1961, the Western Athletic Conference until 1999 and currently in the Mountain West Conference since its inaugural season in fall 1999. But the recent talk of the Pac-10 becoming the Pac-12 or Pac-16 and the Big Ten and the Big 12 possibly adding teams may have BYU and Utah in different conferences. From all the rumors of who will be in which conference, there are more situations involving Utah becoming a BCS school than BYU.

Some situations have Utah going to the Pac-10, others say they may go to the Big 12, and still others say Utah will stay in the Mountain West Conference, but the likelihood of BYU and Utah playing in the same conference in the future is slim. Whatever the conferences decide, the intensity of the BYU-Utah rivalry in the future may be on the chopping block.

But what about the rivalry? How would that competition be different if Utah becomes a BCS school? What will happen if BYU and Utah play in different conferences?

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