BYU Viewpoint: The great leggings debate

I didn’t really want to publish the “Leggings still aren’t pants” letter to the editor two weeks ago. I had avoided publishing any of the weekly (and nearly identical) letters I get about the dress code for a few months, but it had been a slow week and I didn’t have much to work with. I figured it was time to bring out another one.

The results were utterly unsurprising. Two weeks later I am still getting letters about it. And the majority of the letters are so boringly predictable I could have written them myself.

Let’s start by making this clear: Personally, I would never wear leggings as pants. As far as I’m concerned, everyone signed the dress code, so everyone should obey it, not just because it’s the rules at BYU, but because we believe our bodies are temples, not art galleries.

But that’s not what this viewpoint is about.

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