BYU athletic director addresses the future of Cougars' program

by | Jul. 19, 2010

Saints & Sports

Is BYU going independent?

What's the state of the BYU-Utah rivalry?

Was BYU ever a candidate for the Pac-10?

After months of rebuffing interview requests on the recent shake-up in the college football landscape, BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe addressed those topics and more with a group of reporters Friday.

BYU is exploring every possible avenue to enhance its athletic department's position financially and competitively, Holmoe said. He stressed that BYU didn't begin assessing its situation this summer, when rumors and speculation erupted and moves occurred — like Utah jumping to the Pac-10 Conference.

"BYU's been working on this for three years," Holmoe said. "We're in an unusual position of being in the middle of things, but not on the internal area of things. Instead of being acted upon, we wanted to be proactive. On the other hand, we're not Notre Dame. We can't make demands, and we don't have multiple invitations. So we try to make the best of this jigsaw puzzle and position ourselves for current and the future."

In the short term, the athletic department's priorities are to crack the Bowl Championship Series and increase television exposure.

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